Family Firearm Safety is dedicated to SAFE, RESPONSIBLE firearm ownership.  We offer firearms courses and training to enable anyone to enjoy the shooting sports and security of owning a firearm.  As part of our mission to promote firearm safety, we also offer firearms and firearm safety products.

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"Laws that forbid the carrying of arms...disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed one."

Thomas Jefferson included this passage in his "Legal Commonplace Book".  Jefferson obviously felt that it was important.  The passage is from Cesare Beccaria's Essay on Crimes and Punishments.
Missouri Concealed Carry Classes are now offered by Family Firearm Safety
We price match all concealed carry classes offered in the KC Metro area!
Missouri concealed carry classes are now offered for residents of Jackson, Clay, Cass, Bates, and Platte counties.  If you live in another county in Missouri, please call us to get your county added to the list.
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Should I get a concealed carry license?

As the saying goes, "When seconds count, the police are only minutes away".  Everyone, regardless of where they live or work has a right to be able to defend themselves from criminals.  We see news reports every day about people being victimized, sometimes after they call the police and before the police arrived.  Protecting yourself and how you do it is a personal choice and everyone's choice should be respected.  If you feel that a handgun is the most appropriate way for you to protect yourself, or if you need help deciding if it is appropriate, then you should seriously consider taking Family Firearm Safety's Concealed Carry Course.  Taking the course is an inexpensive way to find out for yourself.

Kansas does not require a license to carry a handgun concealed, effective July 1, 2015.  This may lead some to believe that you no longer "need" to get a license if you live in Kansas.  There are many benefits to taking the class and getting the license. 
Some of the lessons from the class include:
  • Responsibilities of firearms ownership
  • Firearms safety
  • Use of force
  • Proper mental preparedness
  • Marksmanship
Obtaining the license will grant you:
  • The ability to legally carry a concealed handgun in approximately 36 other states.  This is critically important if you travel out of state or live near the state line (Kansas City metro area for example).
  • Travel within 1000 feet of a school without fear of violating the Gun Free School Zones Act.  How often do you come within 1000 feet of a school when going about your day?

Missouri requires that Missouri residents who wish to carry a concealed handgun get a license through their local sheriff's office.  Kansas residents must possess a Kansas Concealed Carry License if they wish to carry a concealed firearm in Missouri.

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