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Kansas Concealed Carry Information

Qualifications To Apply For A Kansas CCW License:

1.  You must be a US Citizen or legal resident of the US, and a Resident of Kansas.  For the purpose of applying for a Kansas Concealed Carry License, you must possess a Kansas Driver's License or Kansas ID Card.  This requirement does not apply to active duty military stationed in Kansas.

2.  You must be 21 years of age and able to legally possess a firearm under Kansas & Federal Law.

3.  You must complete a firearms safety course approved by the Kansas Attorney General.

4.  You must be free from any physical infirmity that prevents safe handling of a weapon.

Cost Of Obtaining Your Kansas Concealed Carry License

The total cost of obtaining your Kansas Concealed Carry License is approximately $193.50.  It is broken down as follows:

1.  Concealed Carry Course Tuition:  $110*

2.  Gun Rental or Ammunition:  $10*

3.  Range Fee:  $20*

4.  Passport Photo:  $10*

5.  Kansas Application Fee:  $0 (subject to change)

6.  Kansas Sheriff's Fee:  $37.50

7.  Kansas CCW ID Card Fee:  $16.00

*  All of these prices can vary based on many factors.

Not all of these fees are due immediately.  For example, you can take your CCW class and complete the range session for a total cost of about $130.  Then get your passport photo taken later ($10).  Then apply for your license after that ($132.50).  And finally, once you are approved, you pay the ID card fee to the driver's license office ($16).

Procedure for Obtaining Your Kansas Concealed Carry License:

1.  Pass an approved firearms safety course and receive a certificate.  Book Online Here.

2.  Obtain a passport type photograph.  Family Firearm Safety offers passport photographs during each class.

3.  Download a Kansas Concealed Carry License Application from the Kansas Attorney General's Website (click here to download).

4.  Complete the application

5.  Contact your county sheriff to schedule a appointment to turn in your application and have your finger prints taken

6.  In approximately 2 - 13 weeks, you will receive your approval letter from the Kansas Attorney General.

7.  Contact the local Kansas driver's license office to determine the current procedure for getting your CCW license made.

8.  Receive your Kansas Concealed Carry License in the mail after approximately 2 weeks.

The most current and up-to-date information on Kansas Concealed Carry is available at the Kansas Attorney General's Website (click here).

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