Firearm Transfers

If you are purchasing or transferring a firearm from out of state, the transfer must take place through a Federally Licensed Firearms Dealer (even if the transfer is between relatives).  If you are transferring or selling a firearm to a person not known to you, an FFL can make sure the firearm is not transferred or sold to a prohibited person and provide you with documentation verifying the transfer.

Fee Schedule:

Standard Transfer of Handguns, Rifles, & Shotguns:  $20 per firearm

Expedited Transfer:  $50*

* Expedited service is available if you need your firearm in a hurry or need special arrangements.  Expedited transfers include guaranteed acceptance on the first delivery attempt (must be approved in advance and provide tracking info 24 hrs in advance), transfer outside of business hours and guaranteed pickup on same day of receipt of firearm.  Standard transfers may receive these services at no additional charge subject to availability and without guarantee.

Additional Fees:

Storage Fee:  $5 per day if firearm is not picked up within 7 days of notification.

Non-Firearm Items* received with your firearm:  $10 per item

*including but not limited to ammunition, bayonets, knives, jewelry, and accessories.

Here are our policies relating to handling of firearms transfers:

1.  Family Firearm Safety will not transfer any firearm unless your permanent driver's license, concealed carry license, or state-issued ID has your current address listed.  Temporary ID's, Paper ID's, and supplemental documentation will not be accepted.

2.  If you are purchasing or receiving a firearm, you must contact Family Firearm Safety before initiating the purchase/transfer.

3.  An FBI NICS background check will be conducted, and the transferee must receive a suitable response from the system.

4.  The firearm will be checked to verify that it is legal to possess according to State and Federal law.

5.  All packages received via a courier are opened and inspected to verify their contents including serial numbers, and all firearms are logged in.  We do not inspect for condition.  Firearms requiring special handling must be approved before shipment to Family Firearm Safety.

6.  Any firearm that is believed to be illegal to possess by you or me, under state or federal law, is reported to the ATF or local authorities immediately. (ex. fully automatic firearms, short barrel rifles, etc.)

7.  I will secure your firearm along with my own, but I do not accept responsibility for loss or theft.  You will be notified when it has arrived and are expected to pick it up within 48 hrs. of the notification.

8.  We will not be responsible for any firearm shipped without Adult Signature Required under any circumstances.  Adult Signature Required is mandated by all couriers and Federal Law.  Failure to require a signature exposes the firearm to a high risk of theft.

9.  If the firearm is not picked up within 7 days, a storage fee of $5 per day will be assessed, retroactive to when the firearm was received.

10.  If you are not able to take possession of the firearm for any reason and the firearm needs to be shipped back to the sender, you are responsible for re-packing, handling, & shipping charges.  There is a minimum additional $20 handling fee to return a firearm to the sender, in addition to any shipping costs.  The firearm will be held as collateral until all fees are paid in full.  Firearms will not be returned until transfer, handling, and shipping fees are paid.

11.  All firearms must be picked up and transferred to the person listed on the receipt and packing materials.  If there are any discrepancies, the firearm is required to be returned to the sender.  If the background check or form 4473 prevents the person listed on the receipt and packing materials from taking possession, the firearm must be returned to sender.

12.  If the firearm must be returned to the sender and they do not possess a valid FFL, the firearm will be shipped to an FFL of their choice for transfer back to them.

13.  If you are unable to take possession of the firearm and it cannot be returned to the sender, the firearm will be sold.  A 20% consignment fee ($100 minimum) in addition to the transfer fees will be retained by Family Firearm Safety and remaining moneys will be forwarded to either the transferee.

14.  Any firearm not picked up after 30 days will be sold to pay for fees incurred.

Once you have decided to use me as your transfer agent:

·        Notify me via email that you accept the above terms and conditions. 

·        Provide me with your contact information; phone and email.

·        Let me know the auction number or order number, description of the firearm, and seller’s information (name, phone number, email).

I will:

·        Contact the seller and provide them with my FFL information and ask that they provide me with a tracking number once the firearm ships.

·        Receive the package, open it and verify the contents.

·        Contact you within 24 hours via email or phone to let you know it has arrived and is ready for pickup

·        Have you fill out a form 4473 and conduct a background check.  Only then will you be allowed you to take possession per Federal, State, and local laws.

If you are purchasing or receiving a firearm, you must contact Family Firearm Safety before initiating the purchase/transfer.