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The Risks of Buying a Firearm Online

Updated July 1, 2020 Buying a used firearm is like buying a used automobile. You need to have a level of trust between the buyer and the seller. As a buyer, your concerns include: 1) Am I paying a fair price? 2) Will I even receive the item I paid for? 3) Will it be the item that was described? 4) Will it have damage from misuse, mis-handling, poor gunsmithing, or being stored improperly? A recent customer had this to say about a rifle he purchased at a popular online auction site: The rifle was advertised as: "MARLIN MODEL 1894 .32 CAL LEVER ACTION RIFLE - RESTORED (CRACK IN STOCK)". Here is his commentary about what he received: First, the good. The receiver is in surprisingly good

It's All About The Money... KUMed's Gun Free Hospital Zone

At one point, Kansas made it illegal for KU Med to prohibit guns at the hospital unless they provided "adequate security" (metal detectors and armed guards). Then, KU Med and the anti-gun zealots tossed a hissy fit claiming that allowing guns in buildings "in the hospital district" would cause people to get shot. The State of Kansas bowed to their wishes and made it illegal for people who can otherwise carry and conceal a handgun in public places to carry a firearm "in any building within the KU Med Hospital District". Last night a man lost his life and a woman was injured. This law may of contributed to the man's death. The story is in the KC Star. Basically, a man and woman was assaul

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