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Gun Buy-Back Program Announced!

Due to recent demand, we have instituted a Gun Buy-Back Program.

If you have a gun that you no longer want or desire to have in your house, or if you have recently received guns from a deceased relative, we will buy them back from you. Here are the program details:

1. All firearms must be in operable condition. Firearms which are broken, severely corroded, or illegally modified are not eligible for payment. However, we will dispose of them for you in a safe, responsible manner. Firearms which have been illegally modified to make them illegal to possess will be surrendered to the BATFE.

2. All firearms will be checked to make sure they are not stolen. This program is not intended to support criminal activity, unlike many government sponsored buy-back programs. Any firearm found to be stolen will be reported to and surrendered to law enforcement for return to their rightful owner.

3. A valid government-issued ID is required at the time of surrender.

4. Payment will be determined by the age and condition of the firearm.

5. All firearms will be disposed of as we see fit and always according to local, state, and federal law. You can be confident that your surrendered firearm will not fall into the hands of a prohibited person or criminal. Items of historical significance will be preserved in a suitable manner.

Call 913-485-0176 for more information if you have a gun that you want to get rid of.

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